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What distinguishes us from other institutions of higher learning is the fact that, from the moment of your initial inquiry until the day on which you proudly earn your degree, you will find a team of experts lending support in all the ways possible. “Your success is our success” and we are here to hasten your progress. When you enroll into any of the programs offered, you set out on an exciting venture; you enter into the universe of unbridled opportunities.









About SBS Swiss Business School UAE

SBS Swiss Business School UAE provides students with an opportunity to study International University Programmes while living in UAE. Our main goal is to provide all our students with a quality, cost-effective education and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest academic standards.

SBS Swiss Business School UAE has a good understanding of the local market and immense amount of experience in managing education since 2006. We have explored the Middle East market and found ways to successfully market the fully accredited, approved and recognized curriculum. Our courses are delivered by the lecturers holding their PhD’s and drawn from academic and bearing relevant industrial experience.

Why SBS Swiss Business School?

  • Internationally Accredited

  • Top Ranking in Europe

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Fully Equipped Campus

  • Flexible Payment Options

  • Transportation Available