MBA – Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme provides learners with an in-depth insight into logistics and supply chain management. This has become a vital component of today's business environment where globalisation has led to supply chains becoming more complex. Companies are continually seeking ways to tackle these complexities, while at the same time improving service levels and minimising costs.

This has generated an increased demand from manufacturers, retailers, logistics service providers and other sectors for personnel with qualifications in this field.

At SBS Swiss Business School, we aim to build capability for success. Therefore, participants are encouraged throughout the program to apply their acquired learning to contexts within their own organisation. This ensures, concepts and theory acquired during the program are easily transferred back into your workplace, enabling you to graduate with practical knowledge and skills essential for significant leadership roles across various organisational types.

Course Details

Course ID Course Title
MKT 501 Marketing Management
ACC 505 Accounting Skills
MGT 535 Organizational Behaviour / Leadership
FIN 501 Financial Management
MGT 501 Operations Management / Project Management
COM 507 Communication and Negotiation Skills
ECO 502 Managerial Economics
ENT 567 Entrepreneurship
MGT 631 Human Resource Management
MIS 543 Digital Business & Information Strategies
MGT 654 Purchasing and Procurement
MGT 565 Supply Chain Strategies